Editorial Projects (Selected)

Pine Integrated Network: Education, Mitigation, and Adaptation Project (PINEMAP). 2014. Southeastern Forests and Climate Change.

Ingram, K. T., K. Dow, L. Carter, and J. Anderson. 2013. Climate of the Southeast United States: Variability, Change, Impacts, and Vulnerabilities. National Climate Assessment Regional Technical Report Series. Washington D.C.: Island Press.

Articles (Selected)

Marine Animals Continue to Die of Mysterious Cause in Indian River Lagoon. 2013. Earth Island Journal, October 10.

Supreme Court Ruling in Florida Wetlands Case Not Quite the Win Developers Claim. 2013. Earth Island Journal, August 27.

Reduced Freshwater Inflow to Florida Panhandle to Blame for Oyster Die-off. 2013. Earth Island Journal, January 18.

Despite Heavy Rain, Drought Continues to Affect Florida Springs and Rivers. 2012. Earth Island Journal, July 30.

Fountains of Life in Peril. 2012. Earth Island Journal, July 2.

Fountains of Life: A Look at Florida's Springs from Sacred Waters to Green Slime State of Water, April 2012.

Weather, Water, and Climate Change State of Water, April 2012.

Water Permits in Profile: The Adena Springs Ranch Controversy State of Water, April 2012

Women of the Ocklawaha: Erika Ritter State of Water, April 2012

Toll Road to Doom Notes from the Back Porch February 2011

Juliette de Baïracli Levy’s Last Turkuman Hound The Bark April 2010

Rash Action The Bark June 2010

Colley L. and G. Howell, with E. K. Sommer. 2009. Upland Hardwood Adventure.

Howell, G., L. Colley, M. Monroe, with E. K. Sommer. 2009. Crocodiles, Snakes, and Mangrove Forests.

Beacons of the Night in Sacred Feathers (ed. Maril Crabtree) 2002

Interview with Arthur J. Roberts JANA Spring 1998

The Art of Stretching Dragon Nhus 1992

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